Wednesday, January 29, 2014

23 Mobile Things- Thing 2

Many of the basic iPad tips for iOS 7, I was already familiar with, but I explored FaceTime and Airdrop further. Facetime uses your Apple ID to sign in and becomes a Skype-like video calling app. It was easy to setup and worked well! It came in handy to fix a computer problem when I "FaceTimed" with my cousin so he could see the computer and help get it working again. One downside of video calling- you are always concerned about how your hair looks!

Airdrop is something I'm still experimenting with, but I love the idea of being able to share photos and other files via bluetooth to nearby devices. Much easier than using a cord or attaching to an email and it automatically adds the photo to your library so you aren't wondering how to find it again.

In another of the help guides I found information on how to create an Apple ID without needing a credit card or gift card for payment method. Needing to link a payment method has always been an obstacle when I've done any iPad training.

Links to Remember- Creating Apple ID iPad Support

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

23 Mobile Things- Thing 1

Dusting off the old blog again! Looking through some posts from the last 23 Things and it's amazing how fast technology moves! In 2009 I was wanting to explore Google Docs and now I create new documents nearly exclusively in Google Docs. Guess I shouldn't have been on the fence about the Cloud!

What do I hope to get out of 23 Mobile Things? I definitely hope to discover a few new apps! I'm hoping to find some new ways to use iPads in my media classes and for staff development in my school.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thing the Last...

It was definitely a marathon to finish, but I did it! I would not recommend the marathon finish, but life is always too busy so I guess that's just the way it has to be! I learned a lot and am glad I participated.

Things I am still loyally using:

-Library Thing/Goodreads

Things I am planning to use:


Jing is one of my favorite finds!

Until next time...

Thing the 46th...Webjunction

The things I found most helpful on webjunction were the tabs like Library Management that had resources, articles, and examples on various library topics. This is helpful for a new librarian! The site seems mainly geared toward public libraries based on my brief exploration. It seems like a great resource for MN librarians to learn and connect.

Thing the 45th...Cloud Watching

I am on the fence about cloud computing. Delicious is similar to cloud computing, just not with files, and I think it is awesome. I think a Flickr account to store favorite photos is a good idea in case memory sticks get erased or lost. Google docs is on my list of things to try. I like the concept of having a virtual backup copy of my information that I can access from any computer, but I also worry about security again. Technology is rushing full speed ahead, but I'm not sure the security factor is running at the same pace. This is a HUGE issue for a world that is moving to paper-less!

Thing the 44th...The Economy

After reading the Banking 2.0 information it made me wonder how safe private information really is. Technology is great, but there is a point where we should take a little extra time and do it our self.

I compared cars on and learned that the carbon footprint of my car is 9.2. It was an interesting site to explore! I also checked out the U of M Extension Gardening Information site. This was my favorite. I found some information on how to rescue my Norfolk pine tree that is currently looking a little brown. Another site for delicious.

Thing the 43rd...Who Lu?

Hulu is something I discovered recently and I love it. It made my day when I missed the finale of Amazing Race and needed to find out who won. :) I am a big fan. I completely agree about Hulu being addicting! I was surprised at the amount of TV shows and movies available.

Having TV shows online has changed my tv watching in that I don't worry if I miss an episode or if the TiVo gets full because I know I have a back-up. I also think it would be possible for someone to not even have cable and watch shows completely online.

I'm not sure how this will effect TV sure doesn't seem like they would be in favor of it, but I am curious to know what if anything they get from having their shows on Hulu and their websites. It seems like computers are the medium of the future...maybe I shouldn't be worried about getting a spiffy flat screen tv. ;)